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While home based health and frail care will be the preferred solution, statistics show that up to ±5% of the residents will evidently need the facilities of a Frail Care Centre. Frail elderly people may make out ±30% of the people needing the facility, while the balance of the ”patients” have dementia related needs. As such, a 20-bed Frail Care Centre will be built by the Developer. The Master Plan will provide for the extension of this facility to 40 beds in future should the need arise.  A 20-bed, Medical Aid approved mid-care/step-down facility, will be developed in the same building as the Frail Care Centre. This will provide care to residents and the general public after operations and other setbacks. Every attempt will be made to achieve high bed occupancy figures in this facility as part of its profits will be available to subsidise the Frail Care facility. Provision will  be made that this facility could also be extended to 40 beds by the owners should the need arise. Note: Subject to approval by relevant authorities.