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The biggest challenges with health and frail care are to maintain the highest standard of care at prices and costs that are still affordable. While the development is still new, the challenge is so much bigger, as very few of the residents may need such care. – Only after a number of years that the facilities will be optimally used.

To alleviate the short term challenge and contribute to the long term solution, land has been made available for the development of a private Neuro Clinic adjacent to the Frail Care Centre. Other than managing its own affairs this hospital will initially be required to provide and manage all the care requirements of Finkenstein Manor. This will include the management of the Frail Care Centre and the Kitchen/Dining Room complex. After the Owners Association (OA) takes full responsibility for Finkenstein Manor these arrangements can continue if found to be beneficial.

This facility will include the following facilities open to the general public:

  •  Doctor’s consulting rooms 
  •  Physiotherapist’s consulting rooms
  •  Clinic
  •  Pharmacy

Note: Subject to approval by relevant authorities.