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Finkenstein Village will be developed on a property in close proximity to the Namibian capital, Windhoek. The property borders the northern boundary of the new Airport Highway and Finkenstein Manor. It will provide upmarket, carefree living for discerning young and upcoming citizens in a secure environment. The exclusive village community will offer the calm and tranquility of village-style living in the country, paralleled with the convenience of easy access to first-world amenities and hi-tech facilities that a major city can offer on its doorstep.

A total of 125 full title and 71 sectional title units are planned with maximum privacy in mind, while ample opportunities are created for interaction between residents at the Lifestyle Centre and Recreational Area.

A choice of well-designed units ranging from three-bedroom, double-garage full title homes to sectional title two-bedroom apartments, provide a wide choice of accommodation for the younger generation.

Interior finishes: The purchaser will be able to select finishes such as joinery, interior colours and tiles from a fixed range, once construction commences.

The land, east of the existing Finkenstein Estate access-road, and bordering Finkenstein Village, will be developed in the style of the agricultural village concept and will provide, inter alia, for a business area inclusive of shops and offices; site for a Lifestyle Centre and Recreational Area; Offices and Workshops for a Central Management Body; plots for a Church and junior Primary School; Memorial Wall; and development that will provide secure garages, carports, workshops etc. needed by residents of the Manor or Village. This phase of the development is still subject to approval by the relevant authorities.

A combination of security walls, palisades and electric fencing will ensure maximum security and protection. Trained guards will be on duty at the entrance gates at all times and all visitors entering will be met by security, while regular patrols will secure the perimeter. Each individual unit, from the three-bedroom houses to the two-bedroom apartments, will be connected to the Service and Security Centres by means of a technologically advanced high speed optical fiber communication system running directly from Windhoek. Immediate assistance will therefore never be further away than the push of a button.

Energy conservation is high on the agenda and all full title houses will be fitted with the latest technology in energy saving solar systems for the heating of water. This is an optional extra for the sectional title units.

Immediately after signing the Contract to purchase the erf the purchaser will have to select a house/apartment to be constructed on the property and sign a building contract for the construction of the dwelling, with a Building Contractor nominated by the Developer.

Once the Developer withdraws, the Village will be governed by an Owners Association (OA) elected by all property owners. Sectional Title Properties will be managed by a Body Corporate dealing with functions imposed on it by law. A Management body will be formed with members from the OAs of the Village and Manor to deal with matters of communal nature, all management bodies will be housed in facilities east of the access road. Maintenance and security staff for the townships, as well as a maintenance block, will serve the same purpose.

Levies for full title properties will initially be based on the erf price and once developed, calculated on the built area and erf size.

Sectional Title Properties levies will be calculated in accordance with participation quotas as certified.

Note: Renderings, depictions and illustrations are artistic impressions only.